Episode 112

BOLD Sports Episode 112


January 29th, 2020

2 hrs 5 mins 35 secs

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Bold Sports Episode 112

Super Bowl Podcast

Check Screen Shots.for numbers.

Remembering Kobe.

All the Soccers- Matt

PGA TOUR- Mark Leishman won at Torrey Pines this past weekend with a push from John Rahm. Rahm had a Putt to resemble the one he had in 2017 to win the tournament , but this time to tie. The Fogg played a roll inn this tournament with two late starts, Tiger finished 9th and had a 50K putt for placing he missed. Next week the PGA Heads to Scottsdale to the Phoenix open. I don’t see Tiger or Mickelson in this, as TRiger is just laying low, and Phill is playing in Europe at the time. I’m sad to not see them in the tournament.

Penguins- Are On Break with the Buy week as well as the Allstar break. Jarry got lit up in the “game” they had. And LeTang as a captian didn’t have that big of an impact. The Pens are off till Friday when the Flyers come into town. D— Marcus Pettersson agree on a 5yr deal.

Pirates- the Organization has decided to trade Starling Marte. now, Ill always remember his first AB HR to left center. This trade brings us a Pitcher and a Short Stop that were first rd draft picks last year. We are looking at 2/3c yrs till they make it to the majors. Also the Pirates are paying 1.5 of his salary. The Pirates are right now at $42.7 mill on team salary.

Pro Bowl- the Game was what we thought it would be. 38-33 AFC win with two Steelers having defensive implication with a INT from Joe Hayden and a Fumble Recovery by TJ Watt to the house for the last shoe in the game. The Pro Bowl was filled with the parties and dances, and show offs as could be expected. The Pro Bowl juist needs to be put back to after the Super Bowl and In hawaii to make it worth watching. The skills comp was good to watch and more exciting than the game.

The NHL AllStar game- the game was its self kinda bunk. But the Skills comp was dope as usual. The 3 pd spit with the division play 3 on 3 kinda sucks. The 3rd pd playing the winners of the division of one PD 3 on 3 play. The Women's game ws so much better better.


Pitt- beat BC last Wednesday and took a loss to The Orangemen of Syracuse . Tonight played Duke in Cameron and finished ?? Pitt is doing well with the cards they have dealt. Coach Capel is doing wonders with the team and making them better every day.

WVU- is #12 over all. Big wins over Mizzu and Texas this past week with Texas Tech tomorrow night on the road,

PSU- is back in the top 25 at #24. This week the Nitney Lions take on Indianain Happy Valley at the Bryce Jordan center. Then on the road to Nebraska. .

Bobby Mo- took a loss to St Francis BK and had a bounce back win over LIU. They are still 2nd in the NEC with Bryant headed in this week.

Dequesene- Dukes too ktwo bad losses in the A-10 to Rhode Island and Umass. tomorrow have #7 overall Dayton headed into the Polumbo Center .

AB- is still an idiot but is now not tracked by there court, but does have to check in everyday.
MLB- the Umps could be mic’ed up for revived calls.

NFL- Kareem Hunt admits to failing a drug test and having pot in his car on a traffic stop.

SUper Bowl— the Lines haven’t moved much if not at all. The players and staff have been hounded since touch down in Miami, Media day us coming up in the next two days for both teams as well as picture day. Travis Kelce didn’t mix words saying that Mahomes is the real deal and that he is the star of the show and he will win this game.

Super Bowl Podcast